About Us

About Us

We're here for the ones who don't want to guess what goes with what. Our approach is all about smart simplicity. You'll not only see great results but also reduce the confussion, the huge amount of skincare waste that ends up in landfills, and the amount of time needed to care for your skin. Simple and fun routines will help you to not give up. 

We really don't need to use that many products in one day to  reveal a glow.

Is all about what is proven to work, use very high quality ingredients, keep it as natural as possible, and have fun in the beautifying process 😁

Join us at Aura, and let's start a journey towards uncover your true and unique beauty.


The Skintourage

Hey there! It's me, Miriam! 😊

One of the founders, and creator of this brand.

What calls me like a magnet?

The desire to help  busy women with easy to follow, easy to keep, no confusion, no too many steps, beauty routines!

Using What? 

Ingredients that treat your skin with respect, protecting its microbiome, no agression, and with mostly natural ingredients that are meant to be a part of us all along.

How did I get here?

More than 3 decades ago, I began my journey as a skincare specialist. I also completed the Make Up Master Program, Aromatherapy, Natural Healing, Color Therapy, and Organic Formulations studies.  I've had my body planted in classrooms all around the world! From Spain to Venezuela, Jamaica to the good ol' USA. What can I say, I like it!

When I first created my first natural mixes for my clients, I fell in love with it! They loved them too. So, I decided to start a skincare line. 

I found out that the beautiful beauty industry has deception and half-truths, and I also fail a lot running a business, but its OK! I keep going!

 Other things I like: 

I love  singing 🎤 exploring the depths of the ocean through scuba diving 🤿, and going  around the globe 🌎 to discover new things.

I'm fluent in Spanish, English, and French, but I never want to stop there. Learning is my jam, and I'm always looking to add new  skills to my repertoire.


Daniela Andrea:  She is a co-founder of Aura, and has been an unwavering pillar since the very beginning.

Her incredible eye for aesthetics and quality has been invaluable in developing our product presentations and ensuring that our brand looks its best. With her creativity and ability to generate new ideas, Daniela has played a significant role in our photography, social media presence, and overall brand image.

She is now Starting her music carreer, and spends hours recording at the studio, and traveling, but her Aura Immortal is always in her purse! So when she will be out there on stage, her skin will constantly Glow 😄

We are grateful for her contributions and couldn't imagine the company without her.


Anastasia Rivodeaux:  She recently joined forces to create the Booty Coffee Kit complete care system, and designing the product image.

She is a passionate advocate for self-image empowerment, and is driven by a deep belief in the transformative power of embracing one's authentic self and finding confidence from within.

Almost Every woman has some degree of cellulite. The Booty Coffee Kit helps to soften the most affected areas, bootty, hips, thights. She says that no matter your size, you have to irradiate your beauty... unapologetically!